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Top 5 best FIFA soundtracks

FIFA is one of those legendary games that sticks with us over the years and brings entertainment and value in our lives. Year after year, starting with 1993, the FIFA series charmed us with amazing graphics and flawless gameplay. However, these are not the only things that promote this video game as being one of the world’s best.

To inspire and energize, FIFA also came with several unforgettable soundtracks over the years. And, even though there are many that are worth mentioning, today we will only discuss the top 5 of FIFA soundtracks.

#1: Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim (FIFA 99)

Considered the ultimate soundtrack, Rockafeller Skank is one of those songs that you can’t forget once you heard them. The best part is that FIFA 99 only had 6 soundtracks so there was a lot of pressure in creating a soundtrack that speaks about energy and adrenaline. This is definitely the best soundtrack for a soccer game that wants to resist the ages!

#2: Red Morning Light – Kings of Leon (FIFA 2004)

It was considered one of the best video intros for a FIFA series and the starting point for Kings of Leon. The song has rhythm and fits the topic extremely well. It may be old today, but you definitely heard it if you ever played FIFA.

#3: It’s Only Us – Robbie Williams (FIFA 2000)

The voice of Robbie Williams put this soundtrack through the roof and made us feel united in one big nation: FIFA.

#4:  Wavin’ Flag – K’naan (FIFA World Cup 2010)

A fantastic soundtrack with a rhythm that makes you think about competition and that great feeling you have when you win.

#5: On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons (FIFA 2013)

Even though a lot more recent than the ones we already mentioned, this is also a very catchy song that makes you dream about freedom and having fun.

So what do you say? Do you like our list?


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Inspiring Movie Soundtracks To Listen to Over And Over Again

There are movies and there are cinematographic masterpieces that stick with us over the years. But what makes the difference? Well, it may be the actors or the action, but most of the times it’s the soundtrack. There are soundtracks that are so inspiring and amazing that we can’t simply forget. And they remain forever bound to our soul, sticking with us over decades.

But let’s see the name of these timeless movie soundtracks that inspired generations and give you goosebumps every time you hear them.

Time – Hans Zimmer – Inception

If this doesn’t inspire you, then nothing will! The song is completely orchestral and is fantastic when you’re blocked. It inspires creativity and transcends you in a state of mind that is difficult to explain.

The song is inspirational on its own, but when paired with the timeless between the two protagonists it’s absolutely life-changing.

The Gladiator

Didn’t you cry at the end? If you did it’s no shame in recognizing it. The amazing soundtrack that wakes even the deepest buried emotions paired with the sad action are bound to make you cry rivers or bitter tears.

The Gladiator hit us with 3 amazing soundtracks that even today remain the mark of a great movie (“Honor Him”, “Elysium”, and “Now We Are Free”).

Batman Begins – Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is wildly known as one of the most innovative composers in Hollywood and the fact that you can find his music in so many great movies say quite a lot. The entire soundtrack in Batman Begins is absolutely amazing and, even though the movie is not that old yet, the soundtrack is already a timeless masterpiece.

In the end, I’ll let you in a small secret: all these soundtracks are great to listen to when you’re lacking inspiration.

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