Great Video Games for your Xbox 360

The world of gaming is changing and, with more graphic power and speed in the new consoles, came the age of amazing games. In today’s time, it’s actually difficult to select one game that will work for you as you have so many types, actions, and heroes.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We know how confusing such a choice can be and we made a short list with the best video games to play on your Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

The franchise reached the fifth version but it’s still one of the most popular video games on the market. And why it shouldn’t be? With a combination of fast car racing, cheats, drug dealers and other colorful characters, the game pumps adrenaline levels pretty high. Even more, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing!

Mark of the Ninja

The story follows the unnamed ninja hero who sets out to save his sensei from the hands of his enemies. While the story is not as great, the game promotes flawless controls and is built quite nicely. The general experience is rewarding and the level of challenges is intriguing and powerful.

So, if you are interesting in following the story of a great hero, this game is quite amazing for you!

Halo 3

halo 3

If you’re into first-person shooter games, then Halo must be on your list. With Halo 3 you get to continue the story with online co-op and amazing imagery. Of course, the main activity is blowing up aliens but it never gets boring, even after 3 versions. So, if you’re looking to blow off some steam, Halo 3 is just perfect for some weekend fun.


For those of you who are not interested in blowing people or aliens up and like a calmer and mind-challenging action, Braid is perfect. The game gives you challenging puzzles and the possibility to explore 6 amazing worlds so you can save the damsel in distress. Even though the story seems as old as time, the story render is quite pleasant and the challenges are worth exploring.

This game is amazing for an afternoon relaxation or those days when it’s raining outside and there’s nothing to do inside.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

call of duty black ops 2

Based on a war-related staging, Black Ops 2 is quite a challenging multiplayer game. It will teach you how to take fast decisions in a world where all your senses are distracted by explosions and general mayhem. The game manages to completely immerse you in the world of war and tests your speed of reaction and thinking.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Who doesn’t love to be Batman and fight injustice in a world where Gotham city and all the cool gadgets actually exist? The game is spiced up with amazing fighting mechanics and puzzles that will keep you on your toes until the end. Of course, meeting the Joker voiced by Mark Hamill is no mere experience.

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